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Quick Question from an Interested Party

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1Quick Question from an Interested Party Empty Quick Question from an Interested Party on Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:50 pm

Ok, so I like the princple of what your guild is doing, but I am curious as to why you would choose Zek, the PVP server as your home. I am really not into PVP and it is currently my largest deterrent from giving it a shot.


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2Quick Question from an Interested Party Empty .. on Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:57 am

Hey Nikki!

I will be happy to answer your question.

Below is our standard reasoning behind the choice, and in addition to that, we've noticed that the population on Zek is extremely LOW. We pretty much had all of old world to ourselves, and we are experiencing the same with Kunark although we have seen a couple people in City of Mist. To be refreshingly honest you WILL.....get pked......every once in a while. But really......the only times I ever get pked are when I'm AFK for like 4 hours. Wink

See below:

The methodology of Zek is as follows:

1. Low population (one of the lowest population servers) less competition for mobs, more room for us to play the game we want.

2. The offchance....that as we progress we will be able to kill a "solo/box farmer". Gear or not geared...our entire raid team will kill 1-2 "farmers".

3. Inter guild PVP events. Sometimes the old grind can get boring. How fun will it be to get drunk together, organize a couple of teams in the Arena off Lake Rathe, and have it at with each other in oldschool only gear. We will always have compareable gear to each other so the pvp within our own guild will always be fairly even matched and entertaining.

4. That "extra hard mode flavor" ...we started this project to play in "hard mode" where things were not just handed to us in defiant gear, mercs, pok, bazaar etc. The rare PVP we will encounter makes it just that much more difficult...AND....every gear upgrade you get....will mean just a little bit more. (Yes for the time we are grotesquely outgeared.....but with each expansion we conquer, we take one more step up the competitive charts. Yes we also know it may be years before we can 1v1 pvp with the average twink. We're not racing..)

5. NO AE farming.....obviously on Zek you can't do the horrendous AE farming where if you weren't a wizard/enchanter/tank/cleric you didn't get a Seb group because you weren't there for the LEET AE grind...(ugggh did I hate that)

6. On a Blue's possible with higher population that we'd never get to raid anything in classic because 1-2 people could technically farm it all out constantly and we could never do anything about it.......whereas on Zek....I'm sure that some of us have higher level alts (myself included) that could be used to "deter" such perma farming. Very Happy


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3Quick Question from an Interested Party Empty Re: Quick Question from an Interested Party on Wed Apr 07, 2010 7:29 pm

I used to love original WoW open-field PvP like the Hillsbrad cluster-@#$%, or city invasions, or the old DAoC RvR. But like you I'm not into 1v1 prove my manhood-style crap.

There are a couple people who we know are problems, but only a couple (ahem Wormm and Dragorn).

1. Word gets around fast on the few that cause issues.

2. You must be +/- 4 levels (i.e. appear as a white con to each other) to enable auto-consent PvP. Anyone higher or lower than that is like a PvE server (except watch your AE spells). The real danger is disabling/cc'ing the merc which due to how they work can be assigned from a high lvl to another of his low lvl toons. So you can see a red merc with a white con player. It is the much-more-than-4-levels-higher merc who is a danger, especially if we are a group, not the player. A healer merc can keep 1 guy up forever against a group of us of like level with no mercs and classic gear. And a tank merc can hurt like a fabled mob.

3. I have found that being friendly works just like usual, and as an Enchanter I tend to offer bufs to people, red or white con, and don't have problems or backstabbing.

4. As Anavar said, we are getting up to levels (mid-50s) where we can get together and handle the 1 or 2 idiots (who are always solo ganking anyhow with a merc).

5. Many in the guild have high lvl mains on Zek, just in case they are ever needed for a rampant griefer.

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4Quick Question from an Interested Party Empty Re: Quick Question from an Interested Party on Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:03 pm

I'm a little slow in replying, but thank you for the information. I have a couple characters on that server around level 10 that I made pre-luclin. Maybe if I ever get some free time, I'll have to peek around that server again.

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5Quick Question from an Interested Party Empty Re: Quick Question from an Interested Party on Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:45 pm

From level 1-18, I encountered one (good-humoured) ganker so far, although I purposely run around non-anonymous. So, not that big of a problem, I guess, though I don't know how it is later.

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